Welcome to Z-Plane, Inc.

Z-Plane is a technology-based high-speed electronic packaging company.  Z-Plane provides innovative packaging architectures and technology solutions for high-speed telecommunications and computing equipment, including routers, servers, and switches.  

  • Z-Plane packaging technology focuses on chip-to-chip interactions, including backplane design, backplane connectors, daughter card design, and daughter card connectors.
  • Z-Plane backplanes with Z-Links operate 3-5 times faster than conventional solutions at 30-50% lower cost. 
  • Z-Plane backplane designs have demonstrated data rates from 40 Giga-bits per second (known as 40G) to more than 100G at a cost which is substantially below that of conventional technology. 
  • Z-Plane solutions are proven and ready... today.

And, this is just the beginning...